Sunday, July 17, 2016

# 328 - Lighthouses of Germany

Many thanks to Gottfried for  sending me this cover with the two stamps from the German Lighthouses issue of 2016. The stamps were issued on 7.7.2016 feature Staberhuk (45) and Kampen (70) Lighthouses.

# 327 - Lighthouses of Germany.

This cover feature Kampen Lighthouse from the Germany issue of 2016. Thanks to Wolfgang Beyer.

# 326 - Lighthouses of Germany.

This cover feature Staberhuk Lighthouse from the German issue of 2016. Many thanks to Wolfgang Beyer.

# 325 - Lighthouses of Germany

Here comes the first of many covers that I will feature with the stamps of the Germany issue of 2016.

Germany issued the annual issue of Lighthouses for 2016 on 7.72016 featuring Staberhuk (45) and Kampen (55) Lighthouses. This cover is with the Berlin First Day cancelation.

Many thanks to Wolfgang Beyer for sending me this cover.

# 324 - Lighthouses of Barbados.

There are four Lighthouses in Barbados. In 2013  a set of stamps were issued featuring these four Lighthouses. Two of the four stamps issued in 2013 (L) South Point & (R) Harrison Point are shown here.

Thanks to Jean Pierre.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

# 323 - Lighthouses of Japan.

On 26th April, 2016 Japan Post issued this stamp featuring the Daio -Saki Lighthouse. Thanks to my friend Rafal from Germany for sending me this post card with the stamp.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

# 322 - Lighthouses of Germany.

Many thanks to Rafal for this post. The two stamps feature (L) Moritzburg Lighthouse (stamp issued on 1.6.2015) and (R) Flugge Lighthouse (Stamp issued on 6.6.2013).

Sunday, May 15, 2016

# 321 - Lighthouses of Malaysia.

Postcard from S.L. Liew from Malaysia with the stamp of  Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse issued on 30.04.2014 as one of three stamps from the series Lighthouses of Malaysia (2013)

Many thanks my friend.

# 320 - Lighthouses of Norway.

Thanks to Rafal for sending me this post card with the stamp of Slatteroy Lighthouse. This stamp too was issued on 5.6.2015 as one of four stamps from the series Norwegian Lighthouses (2015 issue)

# 319 - Lighthouses of Norway.

Many thanks to Rafal for sending me this post card. The Lighthouse on the stamp is Kjeungskjaeret Lighthouse.The stamps is one of four from the series of Norwegian Lighthouses issued on 5.6.2015