Tuesday, December 4, 2018

# 392 - Lighthouses of Australia.

Australia Post issued three stamps on 23.10.2018 featuring the Lighthouses of Hornby (Bottom), Robertson Point (Top Left) and Macquarie (Top Right). All three lighthouses are located in NSW.

Thanks to my son Kavinda for sending me this cover from Australia.

# 391 - Lighthouses of Latvia.

This is the Croatian issue of 2018. This stamp featuring the Lighthouse at Ragaciema was issued on 19.10.2018.

Many thanks to mt friend Janis from Latvia

# 390 - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka - Barberyn Lighthouse, Beruwala.

This is the M/S of Barberyn Lighthouse at Beruwala.

# 389 - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka - Point Pedro Lighthouse.

This is the M/S of Point Pedro Lighthouse.

# 388 - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka - Galbokka Point, Colombo.

This is the M/S of Galbokka Point Lighthouse at Colombo.

# 387 - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka - Oluvil Lighthouse

This is the M/S of Oluvil Lighthouse.

# 386 - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Post issued 4 stamps on 26 November 2018 featuring Lighthouses of Baberyn at Beruwala, Point Pedro, Galbokka Point at Colombo and Oluvil. These are feature on this cover from left to right.

4 separate  miniature sheets were issued at the same time. These can be seen on posts to follow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

# 385 - Lighthouses of France.

Thank you Daniel for this very nice cover. 

The two stamps feature Ploumanac'h Lighthouse (stamp issued on 22nd June 2018) and Ouistreham Lighthouse (stamp issued in 2004)

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Good news to stamps collectors of Lighthouses.

Sri Lanka Post is finalising the issue of 4 stamps during the month of November 2018 to release 4 stamps featuring Sri Lankan Lighthouses. The issue consist of 4 stamps and 4 miniature sheets. Await further details soon.

The date of issue will be 26th November 2018.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

# 384 - Lighthouses of Taiwan

On 23.05 2018, Taiwan issued these 4 stamps. From (L-R) Anping Lighthouse, Suao Lighthouse, Wuchiu Lighthouse and Kaomei Lighthouse.

Thank you to my friend Michael Ho from Taiwan.