Wednesday, September 22, 2010

# 126 - Lighthouses of Germany.

Rafal in Germany sent me this beautiful cover which feature several stamps of German Lighthouses. The stamps feature Neuland and Hohe Weg Lighthouses (stamps issued in 2006) and Hornum Lighthouse (stamp issued in 2007). Thank you very much.

Friday, September 17, 2010

# 125 - Lighthouses of China.

Jean Pierre who is on holiday in China sent me this very nice cover. On the cover 4 stamps issued on 22.05.2006 by the Chinese State Post Bureau titled "Modern Lighthouses of China" are featured. L- R: Dalian Lighthouse, Guishan Island Lighthouse, Wusongkou Lighthouse and Mulantou Lighthouse. Thanks you Jean Pierre for you kindness.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

# 124 - Lighthouses of Russia.

Many thanks to Elena from Russia for this cover. Two of the stamps on this cover feature Tokarev Lighthouse in Vladivostock (stamp issued on 02.07.2010) and Svyatonossky Lighthouse (stamp issued on 04.07.2005)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

# 123 - Lighthouses of Argentina.

Many thanks to Carlos from Argentina for yet another beautiful cover. One of the stamps (3rd from left) feature Cape Virgenes Lighthouse. This stamp along with the other three stamps featured on the cover was issued in 2004 to mark the 125th Anniversary of the Naval Hydrographic Service which maintains the lighthouses in Argentina.

# 122 - Lighthouses of U. S. A.

I received this postcard via postcrossing from David in U. S. A. The stamps feature Sabine Pass (Louisinana) and Matagorda Island (Texas) Lighthouses from the series "Gulf Coast Lighthouses" issued by the US Postal Service in June 2009.

Friday, September 3, 2010

# 121 - Lighthouses of Germany.

The two stamps on this postcard feature Neuwerk Lighthouse (stamp issued on 10.06.2010) and Amrum Lighthouse (stamp issued on 03.07.2010). This postcard was sent by Anja from Germany. Thank you very much.

# 120 - Lighthouses of Romania.

4 of the 5 stamps issued by Romfilatelia on 05.03.2010 on the series "Lighthouses of Romania" are featured on this cover. L - R: Lighthouses of Sulina (Old), Mangalia, Tuzla Landing and Constanta North Harbour. Thank you to Jean Pierre from France for this very nice cover.