Monday, December 31, 2012

# 230 - Lighthouses of India.

A great way to end 2012. Another jewel in to my collection. Many thanks to my friend R. Kasinath from India for this great cover. He was kind enough to post the cover with the pictorial  Cancellation Postmark of the Tiruchirapalli Philatelic Bureau . The stamps feature Alleppey Lighthouse (Left) and Mahabalipuram Lighthouse (Right). India Post issued the stamps on 23.12.2012.

Friday, December 21, 2012

# 229 - Lighthouses of Germany.

Thanks to Wolfgang for this cover with a interesting pictorial postmark cancellation. The stamps on the cover feature  Dahmeshoved  Lighthouse. This stamp was issued on  07.07.2011 

# 228 - Lighthouses of Hongkong.

Thanks very much Jean Pierre for this postcard from Hongkong. The stamp features the Waglan Lighthouse from the series Lighthouses of Hongkong issued on 29.12.2012.

# 227 - Lighthouses of Hongkong.

The stamp on this postcard feature Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse in Hongkong. Hongkong Post issued the stamp on 29.12.2010 along with four other stamps. Many thanks to Jean Pierre for sending me this postcard from Hongkong together with post no # 228.

Friday, December 14, 2012

# 226 - Lighthoues of Croatia.

Many thanks to my friend Falas Predrag from Croatia for the cover. The stamps feature (L - R)  Voscica, Strazica and  Gruica Lighthouses  in Croatia. The stamps were issued on 11.09.2009.

Monday, December 3, 2012

# 225 - Lighthouses of Canada.

Many thanks to my friend Onkar from Canada for this cover. The two stamps with lighthouses are from the Canadian definitive series issued on 27.12.2007. The stamp on the left is Pachena Point Lighthouse and on the right is Cap Des Rosiers Lighthouse. It should be noted here that the original stamp of the Pachena Point Lighthouse issued on 27.12.2012 had a mistake and was withdrawn. The stamp was subsequently re issued with the correct image. The stamp you see on the cover is the correct one.