Thursday, August 26, 2010

# 119 - Lighthouses of Poland.

Many thanks to Rafal from Germany for this postcard. The stamp feature Niechorze Lighthouse from the series "Lighthouses of the Polish Sea Coast 2006" issued on 29.05.2006.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

# 118 - Lighthouses of Romania.

Many thanks to my friend Kramer from Romania for this cover. Romafilatelia issued 5 stamps on 05.03.2010 titled Lighthouses of Romania. The lighthouses featured on the cover are from L- R: Genoese, Sulina (old), Mangalia, Tuzla and Constanta North Harbour. Another jewel in my collection.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

# 117 - Lighthouses of Estonia.

Many thanks to Zoya for yet another cover from Estonia. The stamp on the cover feature Hara Lighthouse from the annual Lighthouses of Estonia Series. This stamp was issued on 24.09.09.

# 116 - Lighthouses of Turkey.

Many thanks to Baris Yakar from Turkey for this cover. The stamp feature Sile Lighthouse. The stamp was issued on 01.05.2010. My second cover from Turkey. It has a special postmark to mark the first flight of the Bursa - Munich route on the Lufthansa flight LH 3257 on 02.08.2010. The aircraft used was a Airbus A 319.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

# 115 - Lighthouses of China.

This cover feature five stamps issued on 18.05.2002 by the State Post Bureau of China titled " Historical Lighthouses of China". These lighthouses are situated along the coast of China. The lighthouses featured are L-R: Maota Pagoda, Jiangxin Pagoda, Huaniaoshan, Laotieshan and Lingao. Thanks to Wang Jia Yi from China for sending me this cover. I consider this cover also to be a jewel in my collection.

# 114 - Lighthouses of Estonia.

This is a postcard I received via postcrossing from Ulle Salumae from Estonia. The stamp feature one of the Suurupi Landing Lighthouses. This is one of two stamps issued on 22.10.2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

# 113 - Lighthouses of U. S. A.

This post card I received from Amanda from U. S. A feature two stamps from the Gulf Coast Lighthouses issue. The Sabine Park, Louisiana and Fort Jefferson, Florida Lighthouses are featured on the two stamps. The stamps are from a series of five (5) stamps issued in June 2009.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

# 112 - Lighthouses of Argentina.

The second cover that I received today from Viviana from Argentina. The stamps feature Lighthouses of Argentina Series II issued in 1997. Top L-R: San Juan de Salvamento and Punta Delgada and Bottom L-R: GaboVirgenes and Isla Pinguino Lighthouses can be seen on the stamps. This is also a jewel in my collection. Thanks Viviana for your thought of sending me two rare covers.

# 111 - Lighthouses of Argentina.

A beautiful cover featuring stamps from Lighthouses of Argentina - Series III issued in 2006. From L- R: 1 De Mayo, Ano Nuevo, El Rincon and Recalada a Bahia Blanca Lighthouses can be seen on the cover. Thank you very much to Cernjul Viviana from Argentina. Another jewel in my collection.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

# 110 - Lighthouses of Netherlands.

Courtesy Ellen from the Netherlands, I received this card showing the Ameland Lighthouse. The stamp was issued in 1994.

Monday, August 2, 2010

# 109 - Lighthouses of Germany.

Third postcard I received within two days showing the Lighthouses stamps issued in 2010. This one is from Rafal. Thank you.

# 108 - Lighthouses of Germany.

Today I received two postcards from Germany with the Lighthouses stamps issued in 2010. This one is from Tami. The two stamps feature Neuwera and Falshoft Lighthouses. Stamps were issued on 10.06.2010.

# 107 - Lighthouses of Germany.

The two stamps feature Falshoft and Neuwerk Lighthouses from the series German Lighthouses. The two stamps were issued on 10.06.2010. Many thanks to Christina.

# 106 - Lighthouses of Russia

Here is cover with stamps that I have been waiting for so long. Not because it took more than 2 months to travel from Russia to Sri Lanka (Posted on 14.05.2010 and received on 31.07.1010), because I have been looking for these stamps on a cover for such a long time. Many thanks to Elena Sudorgina whom I met through Postcrossing for sending me the cover. The stamps feature Peninsula Kanin (5,00), Peninsula Rybachiy (8,00) and Kildin Island (6,00) Lighthouses. The satmps are from the series Russian Lighthouses of Barentsevo and Beloe Sea issued on 10.08.2006. This is another jewel in my collection.