Tuesday, July 21, 2009

# 047 - Lighthouses of Germany

Thanks Gottfried for this second cover featuring the 2009 lighthouses stamps issued by Germany. Details of the issue is given against cover # 046. However this cover is cancelled with the "Bonn" post mark cancellation. There are two official first day cancelation in Germany. One with the "Berlin" and the other with the "Bonn" post mark.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

# 046 - Lighthouses of Germany

Germany issues 2 stamps featuring lighthouses annually since 2005. Here are the latest stamps featuring the Norderney and Dornbusch lighthouses. The stamps were issued on 02.07.2009.
The cancellation on this cover is the "Berlin" postmark. Thank you very much Gottfried.

# 045 - Lighthouses of Estonia

Estonia collection continues to grow. Many thank to Otto Lehis for sending me this cover. The stamps on the cover are L - R: Vaindloo Lighthouse (stamp issued on 25.09.1996) and Juminda Lighthouse (stamp issued on 08.03.2007).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dear Friends
I want to thank all my friends, specilly those from postcrossing who have sent me post cards with lighthouses views. In this blog I only show stamps and want to keep it same. So please do not be disappointed when I do not publish the post cards on this blog. I appreciate all the trouble you all have taken. I am looking forward to receiving all those nice post cards with lighthouses views. Very soon I will create a seperate blog to show all the post cards with lighthouses views that I have in my collection. Thank you.

# 044 - Lighthouses of Germany

Here I present to you two stamps from German lighthouses series issued in 2005. They are the from L-R: Greifswalder Oie and Roter Sand lighthouses. This card was received via postcrossing and was sent to me by Simone who also took the trouble to put the stamps on a matching post card which feature the Roter Sand lighthouse. Thanks Simone for the trouble taken.

# 043 - Lighthouses of Canada

Another cover from Onkar. The cover features the four stamps issued on 21.09.1984 by Canada Post on the occasion 250th anniversary of the completion of Louisbourg, the first Canadian lighthouse. The cover features top row L-R: Gibraltar Point and Ile Verte and bottom row L-R: Fisgard and Louisbourg Lighthouses. The issue is titled "Oldes Lighthouses of Canada"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

# 042 - Lighthouses of Estonia

Another cover from Estonia. Once again thanks to Janek who is helping me with my collection. The cover feature the Tallinn Twin Lighthouses. The stamps were issued on 12.04.2006 by Esti Post.