Wednesday, May 27, 2009

# 039 - Lighthouses of Brasil

Another jewel in my collection, this time thanks to Valeria from Brasil. I appreciate very much the efforts Valeria made to get these stamps issued on 18.09.1995. The cover features L- R: Santo Antonio da Barra, Olinda and Sao Jao Lighthouses from the series Lighthouses of Brasil.

# 038 - Lighthouses of Estonia

When I published the first cover featuring Estonian lighthouses stamps (# 023), I wrote that I hope to show the different stamps issued by Esti Post with the help of my many friends in Estonia. Thanks to Otto Lehis I can now show you another cover featuring L - R: Pakri Lighthouse (stamp issued on 05.07.1995) and Mehikoorma Lighthouse (stamp issued on 24.01.2008).

# 037 - Lighthouses of Cuba

Many thanks to Loreto DelaCruz Perez from Cuba for sending me this cover. One of the stamps feature a lighthouse stamp issued on 27.08.1990 to mark the UN Congress on Crime Prevention. The Morro Castle Lighthouse can be seen on the stamp.

Monday, May 25, 2009

# 036 - Lighthouses of Estonia

Thanks to my many friends my collection continues to grow. This is another cover from Janek Lepp from Estonia. The cover shows the two stamps issued on 11.01.2005. They are the Norrby Twin Lighthouses on Vormsi Island built in 1935.

# 035 - Lighthouses of Spain

Daniel Rguez sent me another cover featuring 2 stamps from the series "Faros 2009" issued on 15.04.2009. This is the third cover that I received from Daniel. Thanks so much for helping me with my collection. The two stamps feature L-R: Torrox and Igueldo Lighthouses.

# 034 - Lighthouses of Spain

Another cover from Daniel Rguez. This is the second cover from Daniel featuring stamps from the series "Faros 2009" issued on 15.04.2009. L-R: La Higuera and Torrox Lighthouses.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

# 033 - Lighthouses of New Zealand

WOW this is one of the jewels in my collection. Lighthouses of New Zealand. The stamps glow in the dark.Thanks to Jillian from New Zealand for sending this beautiful cover with all 5 stamps issued on 07.01.2009. L - R: Pencarrow, Dog Island, Cape Brett, Cape Egmont and Cape Reinga Lighthouses are featured on the stamps. Jillian visited my blog and found that I did not have any from New Zealand and sent this cover. Many thanks again.

# 032 - Lighthouses of Canada

Another cover from Onkar from Canada who continues to help me with my collection. He took trouble to find these 4 stamps issued on 03.10.1985 titled Modern Lighthouses of Canada. The stamps feature - Top L - R: Pelee Passage, Sister Islets and Bottom L - R: Haut - fond Prince, Rose Blanche Lighthouses. I am encouraged when my collection grows with covers featuring issues from older years. This shows that vivews appreciate my work.

# 031 - Lighthouses of Croatia

Thanks to Tomi from Croatia for sending this cover. This FDC which has been validated for posting with the post office date stamp feature the 2008 issue of Croatian Lighthouses. The stamps feature L - R: Pinida, Vnetak and Zaglav Lighthouses.
Tomi has his own blog - Crocover which can be accessed through

Monday, May 18, 2009

# 030 - Lighthouses of Portugal

This is the second cover from Joao. The first being cover # 029. Stamps are from the series Portuguese Lighthouses issued on 19.06.2008. The stamps feature L - R: Cabo Sardao, Cabo da Roca and Bugio Lighthouses.

# 029 - Lighthouses of Portugal

I am indeed happy to receive this cover from Joao from Portugal. Thanks for your help with this cover as well as cover # 030. The stamps are from the series Portuguese Lighthouses issued on 19.06.2008. L-R: Montedor, Leca, and Arnel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

# 028 - Lighthouses of Spain

Many thanks to Daniel Rguez from Spain for sending me this cover at the request of Daniel from France. Friends I appreciate very much that you go such a long way to help me with my collection. The two stamps are from the series "Faros 2009" issued on 15.04.2009. The cover features L - R: Punta Arinaga and Porto Colom lighthouses.

# 027 - Lighthouses of France

Another cover from France courtesy Daniel. Infact this is the third cover I have received from Daniel. The two lighthouses on the cover are L- R: Stiff and L'Espiguette.

# 026 - Lighthouses of Norway

This cover was prepared by me and sent to Bjornar in Norway who was kind enough to post it back to me. Thanks Bjornar for your help. The stamps were issued on 15.06.2007 by Norway Post. The two lighthouses featured are L - R: Ona and Tungeneset.
Note the very nice special cancellation featuring the M/S Color Magic

# 025 - Lighthouses of Netherlands

Jaap Termes from the Netherlands who visited my blog sent me this cover. The lighthouses featured are L - R: Brandaris, Ameland and Vieland. The issue titled Lighthouses of the Dutch Wadden Islands were issued in 1994 to mark the 400th anniversary of Brandaris Lighthouse. Thanks Jaap for your thought of sending me this cover.

# 024 - Lighthouses of India

Many thanks to Kasinath for sending me this cover. It is the FDC of the Minicoy Lighthouse issued on 02.02.1985. Kasinath fixed additional stamps on the reverse of the cover and posted the cover to me. I have been looking for a cover with this stamp for so long and now my efforts have paid dividends.
Kasinath has a interesting blog him self titled "My Watercraft Philately"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

# 023 - Lighthouses of Estonia

Courtesy Janek from Estonia, I received this beautiful cover. The two lighthouses on the cover are L- R: Sorgu (stamp issued on 07.01.2004) and Keri (stamp issued on 15.01.2003). Eesti Post has been issuing a stamp annually since 1995 featuring a lighthouse. Hopefully I will display all the stamps in the near future thanks to my many friends from Estonia.

Monday, May 4, 2009

# 022 - Lighthouses of Malaysia

Kow Siew Lan from Malaysia sent me this cover. Thanks for your help.
The lighthouse featured is the Tanjung Tuan lighthouse.

# 021 - Lighthouses of Portugal

Thanks to Andre De Melo from Portugal for sending me this cover featuring Portuguese lighthouses. The lighthouses featured are 1st row L - R: Cabo da Roca, Bugio, Cabo Sardao and 2nd row L - R: Cabo sao Vicence, Ponta do Pargo, Arnel.

Friday, May 1, 2009

# 020 - Lighthouses of Taiwan

Thanks George for sending me this cover. The cover features the Tungchu - Tao Lighthouse. The stamps is from the definitive series issued in 1990.

# 019 Lighthouses of the USSR

Thank you very much Yana for your help with this cover. Yana used two stamps of the former USSR but validated the cover with the current Russian stamps for postage. The two stamps are from the series issued on 19.09.1983 titled Lighthouses of the Baltic Sea. The two lighthouses featured are L - R: Keri and Tahkuna. I am made to understand that both lighthouses now belong to Estonia.

# 018 Lighthouses of Malaysia

Another cover from Ian. Thanks mate for your help. The lighthouse on the souvenior sheet issued on 31.01.2004 by Pos Malaysia is the historical Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse.