Wednesday, May 20, 2009

# 033 - Lighthouses of New Zealand

WOW this is one of the jewels in my collection. Lighthouses of New Zealand. The stamps glow in the dark.Thanks to Jillian from New Zealand for sending this beautiful cover with all 5 stamps issued on 07.01.2009. L - R: Pencarrow, Dog Island, Cape Brett, Cape Egmont and Cape Reinga Lighthouses are featured on the stamps. Jillian visited my blog and found that I did not have any from New Zealand and sent this cover. Many thanks again.

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  1. Hello Ravi
    Thanks for your nice cover
    I am truing to contact on your email, but it is showing undeliever massage. I don't know whats wrong with your email.
    By the way thanks you very much for your nice cover, stamps and banknotes. I wanna swap more with you.
    can you offer me more 2 different banknotes, olympic stamps (2000, 2004 if possible) and nice cover again with any thematic stamps.
    I will check your thematic stamps here.

    and email me