Tuesday, September 11, 2018

# 381 - Lighthouses of Cambodia.

It was with much difficulty that I managed to obtain this set of stamps while visiting Cambodia. During my second visit to this beautiful country in July, I manged to purchase a set of mint stamps at a premium price from the philatelic counter at the main post office in Phnom Penh. It was the only set available for sale  there and I was told that there are no more available. I did not want to risk mailing this set on a cover at that time.  However, I was in luck's way during my third visit to Phnom Penh in August. I managed to get two more sets of stamps from the philatelic  counter. 

It took almost one month for this cover to arrive in Colombo. I had almost given up hope. Now I can trust the post office that the mail will be delivered even after a long delay. Unfortunately, the postal Clark at one of the post offices failed to realise that  the stamps were properly cancelled  and did the foolish act of striking red lines across two of the stamps. What a pity that such idiots are employed at the post  office.

These five stamps were issued on 10.10.2017 by Cambodia Post. The stamps feature are top row (L- R) Croachamar Lighthouse, Chhlong Lighthouse, Koh Dach Lighthouse, Koh Rung Samloem Lighthouse and at the bottom is the Chong Khneas Lighthouse.

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