Saturday, May 25, 2019

# 400 - Augustin Fresnel - Inventor of Fresnel Lense

What a way to mark post # 400 in my blog. It is a great honor to feature the stamp issued by La Poste, France honoring  Augustin Fresnel (1728 - 1927)

It is a coincidence that I received two covers today from two good friends, both collectors of stamps on Lighthouses and related matters. So I will up load both here. The 1st (at the top) is from Daniel from France and the 2nd (at the bottom) is from Reto from Switzerland. It was the order in which I opened the mail today. Thank you very much to both Daniel and Reto for sending me these covers.  

on 7th June 2019 I received the below featured postcard from Jean Pierre. 

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